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“Everything from the original has been preserved – the same high quality THT components and all the same controls delivered in exactly the same manner – meaning that the Drive (x4) and Depth (x6) controls are notched – which is a really cool way to power through the gears!”

Stefan Karlsson — Guitar Pedal X

“This manifests as a hugely potent and slightly menacing 2 x BC109 Transistor Fuzz which is capable of some significant degree of fierceness – but is beautifully tempered by NOS Germanium Diodes – which rather renders it as more fat and juicy – with most of that really rough and strident silicon spikiness removed”

Stefan Karlsson — Guitar Pedal X

“I really cannot speak more highly of this preamp pedal – I’m genuinely excited and energised by its output every time I play it – it just handles like a high-horsepower sportscar with superior air-intake and fuel-injection – this is for sure a racing car of a preamp! It’s really expressive and responsive with superb super-charged distortion texture.”

Stefan Karlsson — Guitar Pedal X

“This is a genuinely rare and unusually elegant overdrive which has just the perfect balance of harmonics and breakup whichever level you aim for – it’s so finely balanced in fact that you quite marvel at its poise once you get your hands on it and start tweaking. In a sea of a million overdrives – this one really is special.”

Stefan Karlsson — Guitar Pedal X

“From the first encounter it sounded distinct from all the known fuzz varieties – it has a sort of gutsy muscular core signature character / timbre which gives it a really tight and modern yet still saturated tonality. I’m delighted to pronounce this a unique and distinctly spectacular sounding circuit – a modern-day classic in the making for sure.”

Stefan Karlsson — Guitar Pedal X

“The Kuro K-loop I own is a great pedal. Very useful, nice tone, good design and simple. I was looking for good mixer/loop for a long time. I really wanted a good quality mixer/loop, which does not change the tone, useful, simple system and compact size pedal, and finally I found the one made by my friend Giulio. I put the K-loop on my board. Thank you Giulio. Awesome!!!”

Masaya Shinohara (GIT alumni, MI Japan guitar instructor)

“Using pick together with right-hand fingers as main way of playing guitar, definition and dynamic are mandatory requirements I’ve been always been searching for: I’ve been exploring various overdrive and booster pedals over the years, different brands, also by experimenting combinations. I’m actually able to use KuroDrive exactly as it is, without any other distortion/boost pedals and I get what I need in terms of dynamic range, rounded gain and mids.”

Enrico Sesselego (GIT alumni, RIT alumni, Sound Engineering Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert and many others)

“KuroDrive is a great pedal, I use it with Japanese singer Tokiko Kato”

Yosuke Saito (GIT alumni, Sound Labo guitar instructor)

“KuroDrive is really sensitive to picking-response. Its versatility allows you to create the “full-on” distortion sound but I personally like to keep the gain low and enjoy the colors you can make with subtle picking/volume nuances. I especially love using it as a clean booster”

Yuichiro Chikamochi (Translator, GIT alumni, Japan)
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