The goal here was to obtain the most natural sounding overdrive unlike many other pedals. It ended up with an incredibly note separation, dynamic, fast attack (every pick note does not get flatten out) and natural sustain, very tube like!
We can go from a pure clean boost with lots of headroom to a more distinct overdrive and everything in between!
The bottom end is preserved while retaining low notes attack and definition, mids are well focused on the entire range, and highs are full of harmonic content. There are two gain controls that can be activated by their own footswitch with a status LED, allowing to get two different levels of saturation when needed. Tone control works in a classical way, not boosting or cutting but opening less or more the high end frequency, the bias control lets you decide the overall character of the pedal. A three way clipping switch sets the way KURODRIVE distorts, making it even more versatile!